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The position of Manager of the Poultney Mettowee Conservation District is open. The District is currently recruiting interested individuals who are willing to consider this challenging and exciting position.

Click here for full job description.

The ideal candidate will be a self starter, with a background in grant writing and/or fundraising experience, with strong communication skills, experience in project development and grant management.

The position currently supervises one employee with the expectation of several interns and additional employees. Position is located on the campus of Green Mountain College.

Apply to pmnrcd@gmail.com. No phone calls please.








The Poultney Mettowee Conservation District (PMNRCD) was created in 1940 as the first District in Vermont, and continues to work with agricultural producers as well as landowners, communities, youth and the general public on issues related to water quality and natural resource conservation. The 309,000-acre Poultney-Mettowee Watershed is home to 17 Vermont and New York towns. The watershed contains a combination of farmlands, forested areas, villages and rural communities. These areas are home to a diversity of wild and domestic plants and animals including several rare and significant species.

PMNRCD is one of 14 Districts in Vermont as part of the Vermont Association of Conservation Districts. Conservation Districts are political subdivisions of the State of Vermont and function as non-profit municipalities. Districts were created by the federal government in 1939 in response to the Dust Bowl to teach farmers about better soil erosion control methods.

The PMNRCD covers the watershed area for the Poultney and Mettowee Rivers in Vermont. The PMWP works with our partners in New York to encompass the entire watershed through the Poultney Mettowee Watershed Partnership.

District Equipment for Use

Thanks to partnerships and grant funding, the District now either owns or has access to several pieces of equipment for use by our landowners and towns.


The District owns and manages two aerators, 15’ and 8’7”, which are available for use by landowners.  The charge is $5/acre to cover the cost of replacement parts and insurance. If you are using it on hayfields with liquid manure, you may be eligible for cost-share assistance from the VT Agency of Agriculture. Contact Jennifer Alexander, Agronomist, for more information.

No-till Seeder

UVM Extension has received funding to purchase a Haybuster 10’ no-till seeder with two large seed boxes and a legume box.  Thanks to our partnership with them, farmers in the District are able to use this equipment for no charge for the next 2 years, thanks to a grant from the VT Agency of Natural Resources.  Contact Jen for more information.


Last year, the District purchased an Easy Lawn hydroseeder for use in seeding roadside ditches or other areas of potential erosion.  Several towns used the equipment last year and have been very pleased with the results.

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